Inner Child Work

Have you ever felt like there was something going on deeper than the surface, something that you haven’t yet quite understood and made that connection to, but is tied to the struggles you’re experiencing?

You’re not alone. This feeling is very natural, and in essence, the curiosity that will lead you deeper into understanding where it stems from. The inner child is the part of us that lies beneath our conscious awareness.

Inner Child

Existing within the shadow, the parts of us that were taught during our early developmental years, from the ages of 0-7, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

What is desirable and what is not desirable. What is worthy and what is unworthy. As we are born into this world, we are born whole. The full expression of our authentic selves. We cry when we want to cry, we freely express our emotions without inhibitions But as we develop, and our brains are excelling at rapid speeds, we absorb the external environment.

Our core programming. This programming is taught to us by our caregivers, parents, teachers, siblings, extended family, society, culture and our religion. From what we see, to what we experience. Our map of reality is formed in these early years by those that bare beliefs that ultimately don’t serve us. Teaching us how to communicate, how to relate to others, how to express our emotions, or how to not express them. We don’t just learn by being taught by others, but based on our own experiences at the time, and what we had to do back then, during these early years, to survive. We adapt to the circumstances we were in. We didn’t choose what external environment we were born into, it was given to us. 

We adapted to it, doing the best we could at that time with the support we had, or lack of support, with the level of awareness we had, in order to meet our basic human needs of being seen, heard, feel safe and secure, ultimately to be loved and accepted. During these early years, the rate of neurogenesis brain growth begins its gradual decline. There’s no other time in our lives when our brains will grow and absorb information that fast. And for good reason, because we are incredibly vulnerable, we have to learn how to survive as quickly as possible. We have to develop our personality, in order to help us navigate our personal reality. 

We learn how to attach, how to depend, how to regulate, how to communicate, all basic human needs that tie into how we connect to our tribes, because after all we are tribal animals. And love is the energetic bond we use to connect our tribes.

 You learned how to love during your early years, and the truth is, how you learned it may not be the way you needed it, or the way nature naturally intended it being given to you in order to produce a healthy, safe, secure, individual who can self regulate and cope with the stressors of life. This is where inner child work comes in. It’s connecting the dots, releasing what no longer serves you, and venturing deep into the subconscious where you can uncover the beliefs, the conditioning that you experienced during those early years, and reprogram them.

What is Inner Child Work?

Inner child work is the conscious introspection into our subconscious mind linking current struggles that we are experiencing across all areas of our life to past events experienced within our early developmental years.

There’s always a deeper underlying dynamics of everything that we do, that we feel and that we think.

Inner child work is accessing the vast web of knowledge attained by our inner child, who formed certain beliefs, adaptations, coping mechanisms in order to have their basic human needs met at that time.

In order to survive.

These basic human needs are

How to give & receive love

How to be seen & heard

How to feel safe and secure

These basic human needs are directly tied into our relationship attachment styles, relationship with our bodies, how we regulate our emotions, how we suppress them, how we communicate, how we parent our own children, social dynamics.

If we are struggling with any of these areas in our life, connecting to and healing your inner child is the path for you.

During inner child work what you will experience is first sharing the surface layer issue you’re experiencing in your life now as an adult.

These can range from:

  • Communication issues.
  • Codependent relationships.
  • Toxic relationships.
  • Emotional outbursts.
  • Addictions.
  • Body image issues.
  • Procrastination.
  • Harsh self judgment
  • Social anxiety.
  • Loneliness.
  • Avoidance.
  • Overly controlling.
  • People pleasing. 

And more..

Upon deeper exploration, using skilfully guided questions, what you can uncover is the underlying dynamics of the issues.

These are the web of beliefs and values that are connected together to create your perception of the external environment that is causing a certain type of reaction or behaviour as a way to adapt to it.

Example: people pleasing is the adaptation, used to control someone else’s emotion, because if they feel a ‘negative’ emotion, it makes you feel insecure, due to your perception of the ‘negative’ emotion.

Upon further discovery one can understand where these beliefs and adaptations come from.

The same applies with any issue one is experiencing.

Example: Anger is being used as a tool for communication. As an adaptation to raise the voice of the individual so that they are heard. When they are heard they feel in more control and that makes them feel more secure, not being heard makes them feel insecure because their perception of not being heard means to them that they aren’t important or valued.  

These beliefs and adaptations have an origin, we learned how to communicate and behave in these ways from what we saw.

If we don’t see or experience healthy communication and relationships, then our inner child believes that unhealthy relationships and poor communication is ‘normal’.

What’s ‘normal’, aka most known, most familiar to our inner child, can be changed, and finding the experiences that shaped your worldview, the trauma, the wounds, and healing them, healing your inner child, is the most transformational way to completely shift how you experience life, within your relationships, friendships, and ultimately within yourself.

Inner child work is reparenting the part of you, who needed love in a healthier way, that truly met their needs, it’s never too late to do this, it’s never too late to have a good childhood.

How Does The Tribr Program Heal The Inner Child?

At the tribr program we facilitate different modalities that can connect you with your inner child and heal the wounds.


Using carefully selected skilful questions, our facilitators can prompt thought provoking questions that will allow you to get deep quickly.

Surface layer venting sessions can be effective at early stages of the journey for creating a safe space for people to talk, but at the tribr program, we believe in getting to the source of the issues, and breaking through.

To get to the root, the source, the trauma and beginning the healing. 

This is where your spiritual transformation is. 

In the darkest parts of you, where there are wounds that need to be healed, emotions that need to be released.

We facilitate talk therapy in our inner child work group healing circle, exclusive group shadow work sessions and via message where we support you privately. 

There is an immense amount of support with the tribr program, we believe in covering all angles, and leaving no stone unturned.

Hypnosis Meditations

Our weekly guided hypnosis meditations are carefully selected with a new area of exploration each week.

This is an experience that will take you deep into your subconscious mind.

Exploring the areas of your life such as

  • Relationships
  • Family 
  • Ancestors (ancestral trauma)
  • Father wound
  • Mother wound
  • Friendships
  • Work/career
  • Money
  • Body image
  • Intimacy
  • Communication
  • Emotions

And more..

These 30-40minute meditations will take you through your life long journey of exploring these areas of your life.

Bringing to the surface the beliefs, values and perceptions of past memories that have contributed to your overall relationship with these areas of your life.

Through these breakthroughs you can release emotions that have been stored, gain extra understanding, compassion, for others and yourself, forgiveness and new perceptions.

You can literally update memories, with a new way, a new angle, of looking at it, in a way that serves your current self, your higher self better.

Course Modules

Through our extensive weekly course modules you’ll be taken through a step by step process of how to self apply inner child work.

We will give you knowledge, wisdom and understanding as to how to gradually work through healing wounds, asking yourself the questions that will give you your answers, self soothe and self regulate your nervous system (re parenting yourself) bringing you back to points of safety and security without the usage of your most known adaptations that no longer serve you.

We cover topics from


Childhood trauma

Subconscious programming 


Beliefs and values 

And more..

All to help you understand in greater detail all the moving parts of inner child work, empowering you with more understanding and wisdom to take with you on your journey of healing and self development.

Signs Your Inner Child Needs Healing

So many surface layer manifestations can be linked to childhood trauma.

  • Codependent relationships
  • Communication issues 
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Projecting Anger
  • Internalised emotions
  • Struggling to set and hold boundaries
  • ‘Self sabotage’ (self preservation strategies that don’t serve you)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Freezing
  • Avoiding 
  • Fighting 
  • Fawning (people pleasing)
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Lack of concentration
  • Addictions 
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Emotional eating
  • Materialism
  • Other forms of self medicating 
  • Sleeping issues
  • Insomnia

and more.. 

All of these, of which many are classified as ‘normal’ within society, have blanketed over a vast array of trauma from childhood that contributed toward these adaptations as a way to survive.

Many health issues can be linked to a dysregulated nervous system.

Our nervous system is mostly programmed from being in the womb of our mother to the age of 7.

What happened to you, but more importantly what you perceived to have happened to you, is important in how you live your life as an adult.

If you’re struggling with any of these areas, we can help you.

Reach out, speak to our team and book in a call today.

How Can Inner Child Training Help?

Holistic Personal Training can have a profound affect on the lives of its participants.


Our nutritoinal guidance will improve your physical health.


We tailor your nutritional needs to your desired health goals.


A holistic diet outlook can help you set goals in other areas of your life.


Our strategies regarding nutrition include mental techniques which you can use in your daily life.

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