Shadow Mastery

Welcome to Tribr, where we empower individuals to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Our flagship program, Shadow Mastery, is a 12-week immersive experience that delves deep into the recesses of the subconscious, liberating you from the constraints of your own mind and empowering you to break through limitations in every area of your life.

Curriculum Overview:

Week 1: Meeting the Shadow

In this foundational week, you will become acquainted with your shadow self while establishing a profound connection with your Higher Self. You will explore surface-level manifestations of your subconscious and gain insights into your beliefs and values.

Week 2: Unraveling the Ego

Dive into the complexities of your ego as you unravel different personas and understand the role of perception and meaning-making in your life. Explore the patterns of victimhood and the protective mechanisms that shape your behavior.

Week 3: Subconscious Programming

Discover the basic human needs that influence your actions and adaptations. Uncover the subconscious programming that has been ingrained within you, guiding your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Week 4: Healing Emotional Wounds

Address the wounds associated with your relationship with your mother and father. Through deep healing work, you will gain insight into how these wounds have shaped your identity and gain tools for healing and integration.

Week 5: Releasing Anger and Asserting Boundaries

Explore the fight response within you and learn how to effectively manage irritation, frustration, anger, and rage. Experience somatic releases and integrate the healthy expression of anger into your life.

Week 6: Overcoming Emotional Shutdown

Delve into the freeze response and understand how it manifests as emotional shutdown and dissociation. Learn techniques to reconnect with your emotions and reclaim your authentic self.

Week 7: Embracing Freedom and Courage

Confront the flight response, which often leads to avoidance, doubt, escapism, and procrastination. Embrace freedom and cultivate courage to face challenges head-on, fostering personal growth.

Week 8: Breaking Free from Addictions

Explore behaviors and addictions that no longer serve you. Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying motivations and develop strategies to break free from these patterns.

Week 9: Love and Relationship Dynamics

Examine the dynamics of love and relationships, including idolization, resentment, and the desire to fix others. Explore the concept of masculine and feminine polarity to create harmonious connections.

Week 10: Honoring Ancestral Burdens

Investigate the loyalties, burdens, and belief structures passed down from your ancestors, family, society, and religion. Discover how these influences shape your identity and learn to navigate their impact.

Week 11: Letting Go and Integration

Release the grip of the past and embrace the power of forgiveness and letting go. Engage in shadow parts integration, harmonizing the different aspects of your internal family system.

Week 12: Integration and Transformation

In this final week, celebrate your growth and embark on the journey of integrating your newfound wisdom into your daily life. Embrace the transformed version of yourself and step into a future of limitless possibilities.

Join us on this extraordinary expedition into your subconscious and experience the profound liberation that comes from mastering your shadow. Unleash your true potential and break free from the shackles of your own mind with Shadow Mastery.

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